About the Aggie Fund

We believe that abortion rights are a fundamental part of reproductive health care and women’s rights. However, for many people, exercising their right to abortion, protecting their health and the health of their families, becomes a matter of financial hardship.

Each individual bases their decision on their particular circumstances. Whether it be for financial reasons, difficult personal situations, or a wide range of other reasons, our role is to lessen the financial burden of choosing to terminate a pregnancy.



  • The cost of an abortion can be more than a person receives in a month. First trimester abortions, on average, cost $500 -to- $600.

  • Low-income people often delay their abortions while trying to raise the money they need. Many times, these delays force them into more expensive second-trimester abortions. Some never get enough money to cover the cost of the procedure.

  • Because of the continual attacks from the right, abortion providers are available in fewer and fewer counties which require people to travel farther distances. This, coupled with mandatory waiting periods, can create a significant financial barrier.


How to Help

Much of our funding comes from individual donations. When you donate to the Aggie Fund, 90% of the proceeds benefit those in need of abortion services. Any donation amount is a concrete step in helping people control their bodies, shape their future, and protect their families.

The Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund is always looking for dedicated volunteers and potential board members to continue to make choice a reality.



Agnes Reynolds Jackson, affectionately known as Aggie, was a dedicated community leader who often put service above self. She founded the Fair Housing Center of Toledo and served on the Toledo Community Housing Resources Board. Actively involved with the ACLU and League of Women Voters, she was an ardent feminist who actively worked for the right to choose.

Aggie passed away in 1984. She is greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. It was with the permission of her husband, Dr. Robert F. Jackson, that this fund was named after Aggie. Hopefully, a part of her spirit will live on in the work done by the Aggie Fund. She will forever be our inspiration.